There is a host of benefits associated with meditation. This simple, accessible activity can be practiced by anyone, and once you learn how it’s done, meditation can become a very powerful tool for dealing with life stressors.

Here are three of the most compelling reasons why you should start meditating, starting today.

Reason #1: Meditation is free.

Americans spend a lot of money on healthcare, both physical and mental. From prescription drugs to physical rehabilitation and from doctor visits to insurance premiums, a lot of money goes into keeping us happy and healthy. This makes meditation exceptionally attractive as a mode of healing and wellness because it’s free!

The only exception to this is if you pay for meditation lessons or group sessions. This isn’t necessary, however, which brings us to our next reason why you should start meditating today:

Reason #2: Meditation is easy to do.

When we say meditation is easy to do, we mean that it’s easy to sit still and be quiet. What may not be easy to do is to stay this way for longer than a few minutes. This is where the skill of disciplining the mind comes into play, and it’s a skill that can be honed over time and with practice.

If you are new to meditation, don’t expect that you’ll be able to sit quietly with a calm mind for hours on end. A solid meditation foundation can take years to develop, but getting started is still remarkably easy.

Reason #3: Meditation helps in virtually every aspect of life.

This could be the most important reason why you should start meditating today. Clinical studies have shown that meditation helps ease the symptoms of numerous mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. Also, meditation has been shown to help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, as well as improve memory and our reaction to stress.

It may seem hard to justify doing an activity that involves doing, well, nothing. But, the truth is that by doing nothing in a focused and concentrated way, you’re technically doing a lot for the welfare of your body and mind.

If these three reasons aren’t enough for you to start meditating today, just do a quick web search on the benefits of meditation, and you’ll find a trove of interesting data. There’s a good reason why meditation has been a focal part of so many cultural practices throughout the world – perhaps it’s time to make it a daily practice for you, as well!