No one likes to think that they will be ever be charged with a DUI but if you drink and drive, you will be caught and charged. DUIs can alter lives, lead to steep penalties, and even jail time. Many people choose to hire a lawyer for their DUI charge, but you need to know what to expect when hiring a DUI lawyer. Here are three important factors to consider when hiring a DUI lawyer from Matthew Martin.

Things to Know About Hiring a DUI Lawyer

A DUI Lawyer Does Not Guarantee Dropped Charges

Some people believe that hiring a DUI lawyer is a golden ticket to have charges reduced or dropped altogether, but that is simply not the case. A DUI lawyer will work with you, the prosecutor, and the court to figure out the most appropriate forms of punishment and may be able to reduce certain penalties, but ultimately the decision lies in the hands of the judge or court. If you are hiring a lawyer solely to have charges dropped, you are not hiring a DUI lawyer for all the right reasons.

Every Case is Different

Every DUI case has its own unique circumstances, such as blood alcohol level, witness testimony, previous charges, prosecuting attorneys, judges and more. Your DUI lawyer will never be able to tell you exactly how your case will unfold, but can give you an idea of where you stand, and can make recommendations to reduce the impact of a DUI charge in your day-to-day life. Any DUI lawyer that tells you exactly how everything will play out in court before you’ve even hired them is either naïve or dishonest.

Your DUI Lawyer is on Your Side

Ultimately a DUI lawyer will be your greatest asset in navigating a DUI charge. There may be times when a DUI lawyer makes recommendations on your trial or how to conduct your business that you may not agree with but remember, your lawyer is always on your side. A DUI lawyer is hired to manage your case and give expert opinion and direction about what to do. Do not treat your DUI lawyer like the enemy, they are there for you.

A DUI lawyer will do all they can to help your case go smoothly and with as little penalties as possible. Trust in your DUI lawyer and follow their direction so you can move past the charges, take care of your penalties, and get your life back on track.