All summer long, the warm weather makes for comfortable evenings sipping lemonade on the porch while watching fireflies flash. Standard porch lights are mounted to the side of your house and give off one harsh light that allows for limited visibility. Create an outdoor experience on your porch by ditching the traditional bulb and integrating a different kind of luminescence. If you’re already installed a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, why not spruce the space up even more with outdoor lights, tikis, or torches? Let Firepit Outfitter help you get creative with patio lights with this guide.

Patio Light Ideas for a Unique Outdoor Experience

String Lights

A popular trend is the use of Christmas lights year-round in the yard or on the porch. The warm glow of string lights creates a twinkling illusion and relaxed atmosphere that embodies the comfort of gathering outside. String lights can be draped from the house, across a pergola, dangling from the porch above, or strung along a wall to create an outdoor experience of summertime comfort.

Stake Lights

Often solar powered, stake lights can be purchased at any home improvement or garden center. They get placed into the ground where ever you choose throughout your yard and attract the energy from the daytime sun to nighttime power luminance. You can use as few or as many stake lights as you’d like, and by strategically placing them around your yard, you can create a porch experience that will last year round.

String Bulbs

Different from traditional string lights, string bulbs are a great way to add warm light and sophisticated elegance to your outdoor living space. The larger bulb creates an industrial look as a luxurious and trendy way to decorate outside. Your porch is a gathering place. By draping string bulbs across the porch and sitting area, you’re sure to establish an outdoor experience like no other.


Intimate and timeless, candlelight has long been a solution in transforming a regular living space into an intimate gathering spot. Candles have to be lit individually every time they are used, but their natural luminance gives off a subdued amount of light that creates a comfortable and close outdoor experience. Another option for candlelight is using faux candles that can be controlled by remote or an “on/off” switch. These give off the same intimate feel as traditional candles but have a longer lifespan and a more convenient way of creating light.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a popular porch decorating option that uses low voltage lights, and decorative paper shapes to light outdoor living space and establish style with every porch experience. The appearance of paper lanterns is less traditional than any lighting fixture you would typically use for your home, so they create an individualized decor for your porch.


Old chandeliers are a great accessory in lighting your patio throughout the year. Many people throw away chandeliers when they no longer work due to faulty wiring, or when light bulbs can no longer be found to replace old ones. Rather than tossing that beautiful decoration, wrap it in string lights and hang it on the front porch. The string lights get plugged in, and the chandelier hangs effortlessly above your outdoor gathering or late night conversation, creating an elegant space and experience.

Rope Light

Also, a seasonal favorite, rope light is generally found in the holiday section throughout the winter. Its year-round use is often overlooked, as rope lighting makes for a great porch illuminator, that is accompanied by a warm and organized appearance. Nothing hangs or dangles, or takes away from your porch’s existing beauty, a rope of light adds visibility and style to any outdoor living space.

Transform your porch, fire pit, and outdoor living space with the help of some easy-to-use luminous decoration. Create an outdoor experience that you can enjoy year-round by incorporating these innovative light solutions to your porch area.