Everyone knows that DUI stands for driving under the influence, but what are all the necessary components of a DUI? A person over the legal limit, of course, a cop or patrol officer to catch the person committing a DUI, and a car, right? While the first two are necessary for any DUI to take place, the last one isn’t always a must.

According to Mitch Drantch, most people associate DUIs with personal vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans, but are you aware that you can get a DUI if you’re operating any motor vehicle and you’re over the legal limit? Even a scooter. That’s what one Nevada man quickly learned in the worst way possible.

57-year-old Gerald Henderson was recently charged with DUI in Reno, Nevada which is fairly standard for a DUI case. What makes this story news-worthy? It’s that Henderson was arrested for DUI after police caught him swerving and crashing on his scooter.

That’s not where the trouble ends for Henderson though, the scooter crash is Henderson’s second DUI, and now he could face up to 15 years in prison for the charge. Henderson’s previous DUI was charged as a felony DUI, meaning any new penalties for Henderson could mean a sizeable punishment.

Reno Police reportedly saw Henderson crash his scooter on a Reno street, stumble back on to the scooter, then crash again before police were able to put a stop to the situation. Reno police reported that Henderson blew over three times the legal limit after being field-tested for sobriety.

Henderson, a Sparks resident, was treated for minor injuries at an area hospital before being released to authorities. Henderson’s previous DUI arrest came in 2001, and because the DUI involved substantial bodily harm, Henderson was charged with a felony. Due to the previous DUI, Henderson will not be eligible for a lesser probation charge.

Many states are increasing their DUI penalties to prevent incidents like Henderson’s from happening in the first place. Remember that any time you drink and operate a vehicle, you are susceptible to DUI laws, even if you’re driving a scooter. Have a plan before you drink to prevent situations like this from happening to you.