You’ve probably heard about it in the news. It’s a place where people and businesses can interact completely anonymously to conduct whatever transactions they please, without the threat of being traced or located. This place is the Dark Net, also known as the ‘Deep Web’, and it’s very quickly becoming mainstream.

What Exactly Is the Dark Net?

Simply put, the Dark Net is a network of computers that share information without any identifying characteristics. This is in stark contrast to the ‘normal’ internet, which uses cookies, trackers, and Internet Protocol (IP) data to determine the identities and locations of its users.

Why would someone want to use the Dark Net? Well, the answer to this question used to be simple: you would use the Dark Net to buy drugs or other banned substances or services. However, this is changing drastically as more and more people are trying to reclaim their anonymity online.

Proof of this can be found in the popularity of something called the TOR client, which is a lot like a web browser but without all of the hooks and catches that require you to reveal your identity or location when you use it. The TOR client is free to download, and it’s currently the most commonly used Dark Net browser in existence.

How Do Businesses Operate on the Dark Net?

Online marketplaces on the Dark Net operate a lot like regular online businesses, but with a few exceptions. First of all, almost all transactions that are conducted on the Dark Net make use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The reason for this is because these currencies are completely anonymous and don’t require users to have bank accounts or payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo.

Another difference between the Dark Net and the normal internet is that communication speeds are much slower on the Dark Net. This is because multiple layers of encryption are needed to keep data exchange anonymous, which isn’t as efficient as ‘standard’ internet use.

The most interesting thing about the Dark Net is that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, something that most didn’t expect. As it turns out, many people simply don’t want to be identified as themselves when they do whatever they do online, and this preference is building a cottage industry of Dark Net experts who are sharing their knowledge with the world more every day.

If you do decide to explore the Dark Net, remember to stay safe, and don’t ever give any of your identifying information to anyone you encounter. Tread lightly!